More than a white box.

Designed and engineered 100% by Volkswagen, the new Crafter is available with the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission as an option for the first time.

Crafter Van Highlights

Crafter Van TDI Engines

TDI Engines

The two powerful new TDI340 and TDI410 diesel engines with 340Nm or 410Nm torque are designed specifically for commercial vehicles. With a long service life, they meet the highest performance requirements. Even with high mileage delivery driving, you can expect efficiency and reliability.

Crafter Van Now you see it.

Now you see it.

The sensor-based Side Assist monitors the vehicle sides and emits visual and audible warnings if coming hazardously close to pillars, walls or pedestrians. Forms part of the optional 'Driver Assistance Package 2'.

Crafter Van Packs more than an esky in summer.

Packs more than an esky in summer.

With 10 (medium wheelbase) to 14 lashing rings (long wheelbase with overhang) recessed into the floor, you can trust that your load is securely stowed away.

Crafter Van Finally, a cruisy day.

Finally, a cruisy day.

The optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system lets you set your speed and the gap you want between you and the car in front. The Crafter then maintains the speed and distance. Making life easier - particularly on long days on the road - and reducing the risk of exceeding the speed limit - and unwanted speeding fines.

Crafter Van

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