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Cricks Advantage

At Cricks our mission every day is pretty simple. For every customer to drive away happy when they leave our dealership. Striving to achieve our mission for 23 years has taught us many things. The Cricks Advantage is all the good stuff we know our customers love. This is our version of a value meal or getting that extra legroom in the exit row for only a few dollars more.

The Cricks Advantage is designed to save you money when you buy a car and for years after. We think if we can keep saving you money throughout your ownership cycle, you may come back next time or tell your friends good things about us (even both if we are lucky).

What do I get with my Cricks Advantage?

Stage 1: When you buy

Buy with the confidence of our 2 part price promise:

  • If you drive away in your new car and within six weeks see it advertised cheaper we will refund you 110 per cent of the difference.
  • Our company writes over $100 million in loans every year, we have 6 financiers who will fight to win your business. As a result we guarantee to beat any other lenders repayments.

Stage 2: Value and Peace of Mind through the ownership cycle

  • Plus 3 guarantee We will put our 3 year Cricks warranty on your car after the manufacturers cover expires. Its our Plus 3 guarantee. This means 8-10 yeas warranty on most cars.
  • Up to 20 per cent discount on service labour costs. Its pretty simple, the longer you visit us, the bigger the discount, 5, 10, 15, and then 20 per cent off. This works better for you as maintenance costs generally increase as vehicles age.
  • 12 months free Roadside Assist. If your new car doesn’t come with 24 hour roadside assist then we will chip in with 12 months peace of mind while you get to know your car.
  • Free Service Loan Cars + Saturday Servicing for your convenience.
  • Save 20 per cent on your comprehensive insurance. One of our staff can prepare a quote through our insurance partner Allianz. Whatever the price, we’ll take off 20 per cent.
  • $50 Tyre Bonus Buy 2 tyres and get a $50 gift card, by 4 get $100. We are agents for brands such as Michelin, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone and Pirelli. Not many people know but we sell and fit lots of tyres.
  • $300 Gift Card when you refer a friend or family member Bring a friend or family member in to the dealership you bought your car from and if they buy one we’ll give you a $300 bonus.

So there you have it, our best foot forward for value, it is comprehensive and provides benefit across years of ownership.

With thousands of dollars in potential benefits for only $300 the Cricks Advantage sets us apart from any other dealership offering.

Its our way of saying “THANKS FOR YOUR BUSINESS”. We want you to drive away happy and with Cricks Advantage we believe you will.

Cricks Warranty (Autopact Protection Plan)

Three important conditions of the Cricks Warranty (Autopact Protection Plan):

  • To enjoy the benefits of the Autopact Protection Plan, your vehicle must be serviced by us, in accordance with the specifications set out in the owner’s manual, during both the Manufacturer’s Full Warranty and also our Autopact Protection Plan (Diesel and Turbo Vehicles may require engine oil changed more frequently in accordance with the specifications set out in the owner’s manual). If servicing is not carried out in accordance with this Mechanical Protection Plan provision, the Mechanical Protection Plan will be voided.
  • Your vehicle MUST be returned to one of our service centres for servicing. Other servicing will not be approved.
  • The Dealership reserves the right in the future to offer the Customer an opportunity to purchase an upgraded Plan or to extend the period of the original Plan.

In simple terms, we will repair the parts covered, if you have the vehicle serviced by us. Servicing is necessary to maintain your vehicle in good condition. You will be advised of any defect found. Any items covered by the Autopact Protection Plan will be repaired at a mutually convenient time. Our trained technicians use the most advanced technology and diagnostic equipment to look after your vehicle.


  • Applies to any identical new vehicle (incl. model variant, colour, compliance and model year) publicly advertised within a 75 km radius of the purchasing dealership. Valid for 42 days after delivery date. Excludes used and demonstrator vehicles.
  • Standard Harrier Disclaimer.
  • Receive a discount equal to 5 per cent of total labour charges on your first 2 scheduled services, services 3 & = 10 per cent discount, 5 & 6 = 15 per cent discount and 20 per cent on your 7th scheduled service and thereafter. Excludes Mitsubishi capped price servicing.
  • Free Service Loan Cars subject to availability, advanced bookings preferred.
  • Saturday Servicing available at Cricks Maroochydore 88 Sugar Road between 8.30 and 12.30 p.m.
  • Minimum purchase of 2 tyres attracts $50 gift card from listing of selected retailers. Gift increases by $25.00 for each additional tyre.
  • 20 per cent discount applicable to any premium Allianz Comprehensive Motor Vehicle insurance quoted by an authorised Cricks representative.
  • Redeemable if referred party purchases a new or used vehicle from same Cricks Dealership. Must be in the special conditions of the contract signed by referee.
  • *$500 comprehensive insurance voucher available at no additional cost to approved applicants of Nissan Financial Services across all new and demonstrator cars in stock that are sold and delivered by December 31, 2018. Standard fees and charges apply. Full, terms and conditions are available on application.