Autopact 12 Lives

The Autopact 12 Lives collects funds from every car sale for charities that support either Kids, Cancer or our Community. Through the support of all the team at Autopact 12 Lives and many others we strive to help those that really need it.

The Foundation was established by Garry Crick and John Eastham. For over 20 years, Garry Crick and The Cricks have been supporting various charities in our communities. John became Co-owner of Cricks in 2005 and the number of charities supported by the Group continued to expand. In 2014, the pair decided to establish the foundation so they could take this charitable work to another level.

Garry and John believe that through the Foundation, even more good can be done and even more people can be helped. The foundation will allow chosen charities to receive more consistent and more significant donations.

Garry and John continually stress that without the hard work of the 1,500 Autopact 12 Lives team members, none of these donations would be possible. The vast majority of the charitable donations from the Foundation are made by the dealership within their own community.